A Clever 20 Questions Test

Cleverbot: Get ready to test your inquisitive braincells. But tell me first, are you feeling clever today?

EPICGAMING king1: Fuck yeah!

Cleverbot: Oh? I've got an animal for you. It's not too obscure. You have 20 questions.


Cleverbot: Ok! Ask a yes-or-no question!

EPICGAMING king1: Are you a mammal?

Cleverbot: Aye. That's one.

EPICGAMING king1: Are you land dwelling?

Cleverbot: Absolutely! That's two.

EPICGAMING king1: Do you lay eggs?

Cleverbot: Nay! Seventeen questions to go...

EPICGAMING king1: Are you in the ape family?

Cleverbot: Wrong! That's four.

EPICGAMING king1: Are you a feline?

Cleverbot: No, 100%. Quarter of the way.

EPIGAMING king1: Are you carnivorous?

Cleverbot: No chance! Fourteen now.

EPICGAMING king1: Are you an omnivore?

Cleverbot: Absolutely not... That's seven...

EPICGAMING king1: Are you a pest?

Cleverbot: Nope! Twelve questions remain.

EPICGAMING king1: Are you a human?

Cleverbot: Definitely not! Almost half way.

EPICGAMING king1: Do you live in the jungle?

Cleverbot: Totally false. Half way mark.

EPICGAMING king1: Do you live in the desert?

Cleverbot: In most cases. Can you do it in nine more questions?

EPICGAMING king1: are you prey?

Cleverbot: True... Eight questions more...

EPICGAMING king1: Are you in zoos?

Cleverbot: Maybe partially right. Seven questions left.

EPICGAMING king1: Are you a giraffe?

Cleverbot: NO! Six remaining.

EPICGAMING king1: Do lions prey on you?

Cleverbot: Sorry, I don't think I follow. I'm good at simpler stuff!

(Lousy piece of shit)

EPICGAMING king1: Are you a Zebra?

Cleverbot: Certainly not! Three quarters of the way.

EPICGAMING king1: What animal are you?

Cleverbot: The answer was goat. Ok, a new animal.


'To Part 3'

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